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Those who frequently travels or goes on business trips, have already appreciated the advantages of apartment rent in Minsk. However, unscrupulous landlords often give unpleasant "surprises" such as high rent cost, broken plumbing and lack of legal documents, which are especially necessary on a business trip.

We only offer direct rent: all the apartments listed on our website are owned or controlled by our company, so we not only check all the accommodation on the subject of ergonomics, serviceability of household appliances, furniture and plumbing, but also provides with the required reporting documents. Among the advantages of daily rent in Minsk without intermediaries we may also include the following features:

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  1. Making formal lease agreement, which is a guarantee of our obligation to you.

  2. Providing temporary registration for foreign citizens in full accordance with the regulatory requirements of our country.

  3. The conclusion of the contract at any time: to rent an apartment for a short period you do not need to wait a registration hour, because our courier or driver hand over the keys and the contract, even if you arrive late at night.

  4. Our responsibility for the housing. When you are booking an apartments in Minsk per day on our website and after the prepayment, we guarantee that you make your home exactly in that apartment and for the price that is listed in the catalog.

  5. Well-done mechanism of cooperation with the client and the wide base of property allows us to find a way out of even the most complex situation.

  6. In our company is always found an apartment for rent for those who just remembered of the housing on arrival to the city, or if you decide to stay in Minsk for a few days.

We always look forward to your visit and a long list of guarantees speaks for itself. Rent apartments in Minsk direct from owner 


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