Two bedroom apartments

Official temporary registration for foreigners in the two-bedroom apartment. Mobility is one of the characteristics of modern man. Development of Transport connection, means of communication are made such as phenomena as Business trip, travel, short trips to other cities commonplace. But before each traveler, employee or part-time students rise a question of placement. The main issues choosing an accommodation for a short period can be called

two bed room apartments in Minsk

The following:

  1. Location

  2. Price

  3. Existence of comfort

Based on these factors we confidently declare that the most profitable option is a daily rental apartment. If you are going on a trip alone, then you certainly suit one-bedroom apartment per day, but if you are going on a business trip, session or a trip with friends or family, the two-bedroom apartment will be the option of accommodation in Minsk, which will embody the most optimal Correlation of all the above requirements.

We offer daily rent for two-bedroom apartments on subway lines in the city center. The fact that our organization is either the owner or managing company all housing options on the website, we have the right to settle e rent agreements and Also sign travel documents and register foreign citizens. Our apartment with two bedrooms are equipped with all necessary household appliances, kitchenware and dishes, they have Wi-Fi, the cost of which is included in The cost of habitation.

Two-bedroom apartment per day it's a wonderful offer for the family, friends or employees on a business trip, which will gives you personal space and will save you from official procedure and schedules of hotels, as well as helps to create an atmosphere of comfort and convenience in an unfamiliar city.


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