2 bedroom apartment on the Avenue Partizansky

2 bedroom apartment is located at: Partisan Avenue, Building 66

Apartments Fantastic Luminescence exclusive futuristic interior look elegant: sleek white leather furniture, a huge sofa with curved backs and special undulating harmony mysterious neon lights.

Style Futurism, which is translated - the future - will come out of fashion ever, he seemed ahead of time. The interior looks like in this room right now start to shoot fiction film about the future. This interior is quite comfortable as it is equipped with smart home and the latest technical innovations, warm floors, an LCD TV with a curved screen with 3D and the presence, Zala TV, Wi-Fi, color therapy, namely, the presence of dynamic lighting curtains, beds, sofas, chandeliers, mirrors.

Color therapy is known for a long time, helps to relax, control their emotional state and get rid of pent-up tension. The bedroom has a King-size bed with light, mattress, silk bedding, balcony and large windows with views of the Partisan Avenue. Dream? No apartment Fantastic Luminescence.

Stay with us - not only beautiful and fashionable, but also a pleasure feel comfortable and at ease can also have a refrigerator, gas stove, oven, microwave oven, electric kettle, dishwasher, nice dishes, washing machine, iron, soft towels, scented candles. In walking distance is the metro station Guerrilla, Belarus, shopping center Underground City, restaurants Pines, Planet Pizza, Terra Pizza, night Rock Cafe, restaurant-pool bar Tourist gaming clubs Nevada, Volcano, Oasis, a cinema Komsomolets.

• DVD • TV laptop and navigator surcharge • Microwave • electric • fridge • washing machine • iron • vacuum cleaner • phone Wi-fi

Price: 30-40 $

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