Photos Farmsteads in Minsk Manor, it's not just a house, and a separate settlement, the whole complex of economic and residential buildings, which may include a planted park of fruit trees or conventional. Previously owned estates nobles and princes, it was the family nest.

To remove homestead at night and not make a mistake, you should know that include real estates. The structure of classical manor usually includes manor house, outbuilding, stables, greenhouse c overseas plants, built for the workers. Park with a pond, were laid on the sides of the alley, built gazebo for solitude with nature.

They were built on their own projects at the time known architects. In such houses belonging to patrons going to the cultural and historical value. After the revolution, almost all the houses were abandoned by their owners and have been looted and desolation. Some of them were established museums. Now revived construction estates and such a new direction as agritourism.

Come and rent a mansion for a weekend or a few days, feel aristocrat. Dreams can come true: a piece of forest lake with an island, wild animals, gorgeous house and only you and people you love. Rent choose with us not only apartments, but also other options.

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