Photos of the cottage in Minsk Cottage at all associated with a country holiday. Sometimes for every person who lives and works in the city, covering his head with a sense of melancholy and fatigue. Appears incomprehensible desire to leave the city, where there are no traffic jams and public transport. The best way - it quickly dump the cottage or cottage. But if it is not in the property, what do you do?

You do not necessarily have to be the rightful owner of the suburban real estate. You can simply have to pick house and rent it for a day rented accommodation, you solve the problem of suburban pastime on weekends or holidays. It does not really matter what time of year, because staying in the company of best friends and relatives always will benefit .

Your decision to relax in a cottage next to Minsk relieve all sorts of problems. When you remember your private holiday in the city. Cleaning of the apartment and a trip to the store or to the market, a walk in the yard or going to a cafe with friends. Do you get that time intended to relieve stress, just spend money on unimportant and tedious business.

We picked up our efforts options cottages throughout Belarus. You will appreciate our work and enjoy themselves all the pleasures of country rest. It walks through the woods, hike for mushrooms, fishing, hunting enable touch and interact with nature and breathe fresh air filled with the smell of frosty freshness or mown hay. It all depends on the season.


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