Four bedroom apartments

Do you have a large family or group of friends? Do you want to spend a memorable holiday in Minsk? Are you accustomed to highly comfort conditions? More questions. Then we have something to offer. In our catalog you will find a wide range of rental offers per day. Our luxury apartments are much better than Minsk hotels, because on each of them worked specially invited designer.

Most suitable for class trips "Luxe" are four-bedroom apartment. Let's look at their advantages:

rental four bedroom apartment

  • Location in the center and on the metro line, as well as in houses along the Minsk highways will help you quickly get to any place in Minsk.

  • The special architecture and design of apartments are far from standard hotel rooms, therefore renting a four-bedroom apartment per day, you get a mini-palace which is differ for ergonomic and the beauty of the interior.

  • Wide functionality of accommodation implies the existence of various zones rented under four-bedroom apartment: You can choose luxury housing with several bathrooms and bedrooms with a separate study and dining room, which you will be remembered not just as a place to live, but as a cozy corner in which You will want to come back during the next trip.

  • Official rentals with the conclusion of the contract. Today you may encounter unscrupulous landlords who illegally occupy residents, but our company is ready to provide all necessary documents, guarantees issuance reporting sheets and travel documentation. We also provide services for the temporary registration of foreign citizens if it is necessary.

  • Additional bonuses that are included jacuzzi. Wi-Fi, modern appliances, cable or satellite TV, providing background information at any time of the day - those are the things that present in all offered daily rent luxury apartments. We are always ready to go forward you. Therefore, taking a four-bedroom apartment with us you will never encounter disappointment.

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