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Belarus - a small independent state located in the center of Europe (28-32° east longitude, 51-55° north latitude) in the territory of 207.6 thousand square meters. km . Borders with countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. The total length of the state border - 2970 km.

Foto Republic Belarus

42% of the territory - farmland, 38% is forested, 2% - lakes and rivers, 17% - other lands. The total length of 20 900 rivers in Belarus is 90.6 thousand km. In Belarus, there are more than 10,000 lakes.

Belarusian climate - moderately continental, formed under the influence of the Atlantic air masses. The hottest month - July, the coldest - February.

Local time - + 2 hours from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT + 02:00).

Pay with: currency - Belarusian ruble(Br).

Talk: State languages ​​- Belarusian and Russian.

Call: dialing code - +375.

Internet: Domain Name - BY.

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