What to do in Belarus to remember the trip?

1. Eye View bison. bison ZUBRs - the largest animal Bialowieza forest. Illustration, movie screens and TV do not give in its entirety of the submission of this powerful and beautiful beast, as it is in reality. The magnitude of bison can be judged by such indicators: adult males reach a height at withers 195 cm, weight of males reach up to 1200 kg. Females are much smaller: height at withers 160 cm, weight 600-700 kg. Bison symbol of Belarus, as well as the forthcoming Ice Hockey World Championship 2014.

2. Eat potato pancakes. pancake pancakes - the most famous dish of the Belarusian cuisine. You simply do not have the right to leave Belarus without trying these amazing pancakes with crispy golden crust, piping hot! Potatoes are widely used in the Belarusian national cuisine. Potato Pancakes (potato pancakes) are prepared very simply. Basis of dishes - grated on a fine grater potato, and can add to it in mashed potatoes mashed boiled potatoes, finely chopped bacon, mushrooms, minced. On the table they are served with sour cream, milk, mushroom sauce and even - for foodies! - with red caviar.

3. Visit Polotsk - most ancient Belarusian town. Polack Based Kriviches in the 1st half of the 1st millennium. The first historically known Rogvolod Polotsk prince, who "came from across the sea", was killed during a campaign to Polotsk Prince Vladimir of Novgorod in 980's. His daughter Rogneda became one of the wives of the great Prince Vladimir of Kiev. Polotsk some time was part of Kievan Rus. In the X-XIII centuries - a major center of Polotsk principality. The city and district are carefully preserved about 130 monuments of history, culture and architecture.

4. Been a guest Radziwill Nyasvizh. Radziwill castle The foundation stone was laid Radziwill Residence at the end of the XVI century. In Soviet times, the palace turned into a resort, today renovated and opened to the public. Who knows, in its walls can you happen to meet the most famous Belarusian ghost - Black Lady.

5. See National Library Belarus. Giant "diamond" National Library - one of the most futuristic buildings of the Belarusian capital. National Library of Belarus is in the top 50 most "unusual buildings in the world" taking in the ranking 24th. The National Library of Belarus Admire the evening lights "diamond" - a good excuse for a romantic walk in the moonlight!

6. To visit the residence of the Belarusian Father Frost Bialowieza Forest.

7. Relax on a farm .

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