Come to Belarus on May Day celebrations and more!

Official holidays in the Republic of Belarus, list dates.

January 1 - New Year. Day, which is celebrated by many peoples in accordance with the calendar, coming at the time of transition from the last day of the year on the first day of next year.

January 7 - Orthodox Christmas. One of the biggest Christian holidays. With Christmas a new era began, and have already begun to celebrate the holiday in the first centuries.

March 8 - International Women's Day. Favorite holiday of all women.

March 15 - Day of Belarusian Constitution.

May 1 Radunitsa - All Souls Day, or Easter for the dead. Traditionally the festival is celebrated on Tuesday in the second week after the Orthodox. Place holiday calendar defined church tradition. Orthodox Belarusians celebrate Radunitsa on the ninth day after Easter. Radunitsa called differently: radunets, Radonitsa, radavnitsa, radovanitsa accompanied by special rituals and songs.

May 1 - Labor Day. World. Labor. May. Welcome to Belarus May holidays.

May 9 - Victory Day. Celebration of the victory of the people of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. May9

July 3 - Independence Day.

December 25 - Catholic Christmas.

Besides these days established by the state, there are also other national holidays with "floating" dates. One of them - it Belarusian Written Language Day, which is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of September, recalling Francis Skorynu. Usually carried out in the old Belarusian cities that throughout history have been the centers of education and publishing. First mentioned in ancient Polotsk back in 1994. Dozhinki In subsequent years, his "successor" visited Mir, Kamenetz, Postavy Desk, Novogrudok, Shults, Orsha, Pinsk, Zaslavl Mstislavl.

Every year, since 1996, carried out in Belarus Republican festival and fair for rural toilers - "Dozhinki". Every city as reborn, undergoing complete reconstruction renovated buildings and roads, introduces new socially significant population structure.

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