What to see in Belarus: the main Monuments and Landmarks

Meeting with Belarus usually start with capital. Minsk - pretty old town, first mentioned in chronicles in 1067, but has not retained material evidence of its long history. And when the Second World War the city was virtually destroyed and rebuilt anew. The longest street is Independence Avenue, built Stalinist buildings. The entire complex of buildings want to include in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

The main monument of the capital are Church of Saints Simon and Helena, it is often called Red Church. Red Church in Minsk Snow White Hall at Freedom Square, near two Christian churches: Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit and the Catholic Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. Cozy, Trinity suburb, with beautiful courtyards - the old town. Several years ago, was built National Library of Belarus in the form of a huge diamond.

If you explore the area be sure to visit Minsk Museum of Folk Architecture and Life on the riverbank Ptych, located between the villages and Ozertso Strochitsa. In the museum you can get an idea of ​​what was in antiquity Belarus. In this wonderful place you can see the traditional peasant huts and numerous outbuildings - sheds, barns, windmills, and constructed, surprisingly without a single nail wooden church. That's how Belarusians lived before.

If you want to see the main attractions of Belarus then you have a little pull in from Minsk. 40 km from Minsk on the bank is Ptich complex "Dudutki", it was founded in 1993 by writer Eugene Budinas. Here you can experience the atmosphere of XIX century and even participate in traditional Belarusian crafts.

Khatyn On the territory of the district is Logoysky one of the most impressive memorials of World War II - memorial complex "Khatyn", the eternal memory of the tragedy Belarusians. If you want to stay longer next day shall be Agriturismo Partizan Details link.

Far only 27 km from the capital of a small town located Zaslauye. On the territory of Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Zaslauye". That's what it is: Zaslavsky castle, fort, burial mounds, Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Transfiguration Church, the remains of the manor XVII- XIX centuries. ethnographic complex "Mlyn" ("Mill"), Children's Museum of mythology and forests.

Also nearby is the historical and cultural complex «Stalin Line» - restored section of chain of fortifications built before World War II. Stalin Line in Ratomka love horse riding will be able to ride in the arena, beginners can take a few riding lessons from experienced instructors.

Another attraction of Belarus and Minsk region is Radziwill Palace in Nyasvizh - a world heritage site. Start construction in 1583 in Prince Radziwill, popularly called Orphan, designed by Italian architect Jan Maria Bernardoni. Incorporates the different architectural styles: renaissance, early and late Baroque, Classicism, Art Nouveau, Neo-Gothic. The palace is surrounded by moats, bastions, ramparts, and a system of ponds in a romantic park, along the footpaths which is so nice to walk.

Sure, all attractions in a few days it is impossible to see, so come back again and do not forget to use the renting apartments in Minsk for a comfortable and affordable stay!

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