Belarus - the country of the heart and center of Europe

Belarus is situated in the heart of Europe. Yet none of the organization, structure, and people can not live without your heart. In view of this it is very important for the EU and in the transport and supply of hydrocarbons, and in the movement and exchange of technologies. Covers an area of ​​207.6 thousand square meters. km. size exceeds countries such as the Netherlands, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.

photo card of Belarus in the heart of Europe

If you love traveling, meeting new people, discovering new countries, collecting bright, unforgettable experience, then you know that for you Belarus still terra incognita, a kind of white spot on the map of Europe! How is it that a country in Central Europe, and the Europeans know almost nothing about her. Let's delve into the past.

Earlier in the 15-16 centuries lands that were part of modern Belarus called Chateaux country. Today it is called "blue-eyed" because here the glacier formed after thousands of lakes. And thanks to the forests and swamps, which occupy about one third of the territory, it is also "the lungs of Europe". Belarus can attract travelers for its unique natural beauty, penetrating the human soul gradually and permanently. Belarusian rivers carry their waters calm and relaxed, breathing in the smell of pine coniferous forest, where you will relax in body and soul. In our country, protected corners of unspoiled nature, where no man has gone before, but where can feel yourself comfortable, animals and birds that have long disappeared from European forests.

Knowingly Belarus has long been known in the world of eco-tourism lovers, come here gladly fotografy.Blagodarya biologists and its location at the crossroads of trade routes from east to west it has become a link between peoples. There are literally met the east and west, north and south. Here penetrate other cultures and perhaps why Belarusians formed traits - tolerance and acceptance of other religions and views.

Because Belarusian culture idealistic, self-sacrificing and missionary. This is a fundamental feature and its indestructible foundation. Pointless complexes due to the lack of Belarus Belarusian wealth - because the value of the Belarusian culture is not the case. Genes Belarusian laid in words, books, notes and cultural treasures of half of Europe. Just a wealth gospel is the subject of our national pride. For tourists there is a lot to see and where to stay for a few days, a lot of hotels and private apartments.

Belarus - it is something much more significant than most people think. Guests here love and always willing to help. Interesting video about Belarus, look and you will understand everything.

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