Tourism development in Belarus

Photo tourism in Belarus in Belarus there are four national parks: Bialowieza Forest, Braslavsky lakes, Pripyat, Narochansky. The territory is protected by law. Beautiful nature, untouched by man, attracts lovers of ecological tourism. A unique opportunity to make the tourists walk on ecological trails. You breathe deeply clean air is necessary to come to the forest, you will see blue lakes, climb and Belarusian nature will remain forever in your heart.

Fans medical tourism come here to take mud. Newcomers gain strength and improve their health in sanatoriums. In our sanitariums treat diseases of the blood vessels, digestive organs, nervous system, respiratory system, female genital mutilation, etc. More than forty hospitals in various fields.

Belarus is located in the heart of Europe, at the intersection of trade and military routes. A special interest in history and architecture lovers enjoy temples, as Belarusians tolerant, you can see Catholic churches, Orthodox churches, synagogues, mosques Tatar. Many people want to visit Belarus to establish and run a new business partners, visit the thematic exhibition, sign a lucrative contract.

For business tourism in Belarus has created all conditions. In hotels and apartments that are rented privates guests offer the whole range of related services not only accommodation. Landlords in hotels are keeping pace with the times, internet in the room, European kitchen, swimming pool, parking, shuttle service, translation services. Geographical location of Belarus - a big plus for the development of business tourism. Because the center of Europe is always more convenient to move and go to open the symposium or conference.

If you decide all questions within a business meeting, then you can relax and arrange corporate nature trips or rural homestead, Rural Tourism in Belarus - a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the origins of folk art dive into normal village life. Unat lived as our great-grandparents. Here there is the spirit of eternity at every step.

Belarus has been booming agro-tourism: there are about more than a thousand rural farmsteads. Located in picturesque places near rivers, lakes and forests, and their owners will be able to organize excursions. In rural estates original festivals are held. In Rossonsky area spend the festival of rural tourism "Zaborsky Fest" and the festival of Belarusian horse.

Manor "Sandy Beach" Bykhovsky district Mogilev region in late summer invites all fishing enthusiasts and fans of the author's songs on "Big bard - fishing". In Barton "In Zarechnoj Street" Kobrin district, Brest region - center of traditional culinary competition "Polesskie goodies" in the village of Komarovo Miadzieł district, Minsk region Fair held national crafts "Komarovo - Circle days".

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