Monuments and Landmarks in Minsk

Things Minsk and Belarus

Contrary to popular misconception among the people about the unattractiveness of the tourist towns in Belarus Minsk city-hero, being the largest and one of the most ancient cities in the country, is worth seeing tourist object.

What to see in Minsk?

Attractions Minsk recommended for viewing very diverse - from historical monuments to modern buildings arhetikturnyh. Familiarity with the city should start with the most famous architectural structures of Minsk: Church of Saints Simon and Helena, leading back to the end of the XIX century and is popularly referred to as the Red Church, refers to the Neo-Romanesque style and is included in the list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus.

Not far from the church is Pischalovsky Castle - only in the capital. Unfortunately, admire its interior decoration can not be: inside is a remand prison.

Strolling through the city, should pay attention to «Kilometer Zero» - situated on October Square memorial sign that marked the distance to the capitals of neighboring states, as well as all regional and district centers of the country.

Another attraction in Minsk - Victory Square with its forty-meter granite obelisk and the eternal flame.

Worthy of attention, and located on the mercy Liberty City Hall. The building was first built in 1600 and recently restored from scratch.

A special place among the iconic places of Minsk takes Troitskoe suburb. Oasis of the XIX century of Soviet and modern buildings, it is located on the shores Svislochi original complex of small houses with lots of souvenir shops and cafes. Near the suburbs is «Island of Tears» - a memorial to soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Monumental structures belong not only to a bygone era. Most modern - National Library, which is a building in the form of a diamond, with a magnificent view. Library is especially beautiful at night when the lights turned on curly edges.

Where to go in Minsk?

The choice of city tour provides two parks: CHelyuskincev Park (many carousels, a large botanical garden) and Gorky Park (river, beauty, several roundabouts). Near the last located and recently updated building Circus.

In the heart of the capital costs Palace of the Republic - concrete building without any frills, where concerts of local and international stars of the music world. Opera and ballet fans like located on the square of the Paris Commune Opera House.

Special attention is given Independence Avenue with its classical Stalinist architecture. On the Avenue can condo owner, as it is here most of the best Minsk restaurants and cafes.

Shoppers should look into GUM Department Store and, of course, TC «Capital», where there are many shops and cafes.


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