Pischalovsky castle

Pischalovsky castle Pischalovsky Castle - sample pseudo-Gothic style, located in the center of Minsk on the street. Volodarskogo near the Red Church. The castle was built in 1825, but was forced by the city authorities bought and converted into a prison.

End tower rectangular teeth on multilayer cornice. Pischalovsky castle surrounded by a high stone wall with buttresses. The design of the prison food repeated typical architecture Belarusian Gothic castle.

The people Pischalovsky castle called Belarusian Bastille: here at one time contained Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, Yakub Kolas, poets Ales Harun and Karus Kaganets. However, to escape in the history of the prison was only one eminent prisoner: Dzerzhinsky. Currently, the building is Pischalovskogo castle prison. other sights of Minsk here.


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