Troitskoe suburb

Troitskoe suburb Troitskoe suburb - settlement on the left bank Svislochi. Territory became built up in the XII century, the very same name appeared in the XV century. It is curious that restore Troitskoe suburb was decided only after the visit of Nikita Khrushchev in 1962. He asked in the presence of the historic center, which could be visited. Such was not.

Among the components of Trinity Hill highlight Maxim Bogdanovich literary museum and Island of Tears. The latter is a memorial complex in honor of soldiers who died in Afghanistan.

Troitskoe suburb - one of the few areas of Minsk, which has built the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries. According to archaeological data, settling Trinity suburb began in the 12th century. Every year it becomes more and more the way it was seen and known by the citizens of Minsk in the XIX century, but more and more filled with contemporary content. Until the XIX century suburb was suburb of Minsk. More information faq Minsk


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