Questions about rentals and reservations

faq apartments in Minsk

1. - Can the cost be changed during the stay?

- No. The rental price may not be change in case of payment confirmation.

2. - Is there a certain time of arrival and check-in?

- No. When booking, you must notify us of your arrival time and our courier will directly deliver the key to the railway station, to the bus station or other place. Upon request, for an additional cost, you can order a driver or rental cars.

3. - Do you accept guests with pets?

- No. Unfortunately we do not accept guests with pets.

4. - Can I count on settlement if I’ll call on arrival in Minsk?

- We are always happy to offer existing options for daily rent, so if at the time of your arrival we will have available apartments, you can rent a studio, one bedroom or luxury apartment or even in the day of arrival and to make a payment on the spot.

5. - Is the cleaning in the rental price?

- Yes, cleaning every three days are included in the rent. If you prefer, you can order additional cleaning services which price starts from $ 5 and depends on the rooms number.

6. - Is there internet and computer in your flats?

- In most of the proposed apartments we have wireless Wi-Fi connection , the existence of which is indicated in the description of the apartment. The cost of Wi-Fi included in the price, the cost of renting a laptop - $ 10

faq apartments in Minsk

7. – Do you rent an apartment per night or per hours?

- If we have free accommodation from our catalog we rent it per night or per hours during the daytime. The price precise from our managers.

8. - Do the VIP apartments have musical equipment to celebrate student’s day?

- Unfortunately, we do not rent the vip apartment to celebrate graduations, birthdays and other celebrations.

9. - Can I extend or reduce the length of stay? What should I do with a payment in such cases?

- You certainly can increase or decrease the residence time. If you want to leave early, you should notify us within three days prior to arrival for a refund for all the "extra" days, otherwise as compensation we deduct the cost of one day stay. In case of extension of stay it is advisable that you also warned us in advance so we put you reservation for the additional days.

If you spontaneously decided to stay a few more days, then, if your apartment is not booked, we simply extend the lease (the cost remains the same). If the apartment have already booked for those dates by someone else, we will give you a choice of several options for the same housing with daily payment.

10. - Does my reservation save if I haven’t made an advance payment?

- Your reservation is held as long as anyone else will book it and will give us prepayment. Your payment is a guarantee for us that housing will not stay. However, even if you weren’t able to give a deposit for some reason, in the presence of an electronic reservation we will provide you with other accommodation with similar conditions and price, if we have free flats.


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